Bogdanoff brothers not vaccinated – why?

But why did the Bogdanoff brothers refuse to be vaccinated? A claimed militant position? Too much confidence in their immune system? Their friend Luc Ferry, who knew them well, gave an early response in Le Parisien. “Grichka, like Igor, was not anti-ax, he was anti-ax for himself,” said the former minister of national education, who sometimes spent holidays with them. We talked about it again on the phone less than three weeks ago, when everything was going well for them. ”

He said the brothers felt they were healthy enough to resist the virus. “Being very athletic, without a gram of fat, they believed that the vaccine was more dangerous than the virus,” he continues. Except that, at 72 years old, the immune system is not as good as it used to be. ”

Luc Ferry reveals that the two brothers did not suffer from any mysterious pathologies, contrary to the rumors which were circulating due in particular to the strange aspect of their faces, marked by the protuberance of their chin. A physical transformation that some attributed to a genetic disease or acromegaly, a hormonal disorder that causes deformities of the face or hands. For Luc Ferry, it is quite simply an abuse of aesthetic medicine. “They never fell ill,” explains the philosopher and ex-minister. Even their chin is not a disease. It was just Botox, they told me … ”

Both hospitalized since mid-December at the Georges-Pompidou Hospital in Paris, Grichka succumbed to Covid on December 28, while her twin Igor died on Monday January 3. “Three to four days ago, I learned he was still in a coma,” Luc Ferry told Le Parisien.

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